What is Artificial Intelligence (AI) in simple words?

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Artificial Intelligence is a technology that has gained significant popularity in the recent years. Artificial Intelligence is a technology that allows machines to think and make decisions in human-like manner. AI is helping us in various ways such as:

1) Virtual assistant

2) Chat Bot

3) Speech/Facial Recognition

Today, we will be studying what is Artificial Intelligence in simple words.


In 1955, John McCarthy defined Artificial Intelligence as the science and engineering of making intelligent machines”

According to Elon Musk within the next ten years, we could also see the development of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). “AGI” refers to an AI that could learn and perform any intellectual task on the level of a human.

AI involves creating different algorithms and models that allows machines to process large amounts of data and draw meaningful insights out of them. This special power of AI makes it unique, special and powerful technology.

Machine Learning and Deep Learning are also a branch of Artificial Intelligence. AI is distinguished as

  • Strong AI
  • Weak AI

Strong AI:

It is also known as artificial general intelligence. They are the machines which can solve unknown problems as well which means they can solve problems for which they are never trained to work on. They are very similar to human. For example: Robots

Weak AI:

Weak AI is also known as narrow AI or specialized AI. They are the machine which operates in a limited context. They are more focused on performing a single task very well. For example: Self-driving cars.

AI has made a lot of tasks easier today. The wide applications of AI are listed below:

Applications of AI:

  1. Personal Assistants : Virtual assistants like Google assistant, Siri, Alexa, Google Home works as a personal assistants in our daily life and follows our command to make life more convenient and easy for us.
  2. Healthcare: AI helps doctors to diagnose disease quicker and more accurately. This can save many lives. Algorithms designed by AI can analyze medical images and symptoms to give a better and accurate suggestions.
  3. Smart Devices: Some of us might be using this technology in our homes. The automated devices used in Homes such as thermostats, security systems, etc. gallows us to have more personalized settings.
  4. Vehicles: Self driving cars are the biggest example of AI in vehicles. These vehicles uses sensors and algorithms to detect obstacles, navigate roads and make human-like decisions in real-time.
  5. Customer Service: You might have come across chatbots when trying to contact customer service. Many companies use chatbots to provide quick and more effective helps to the customers.

Now that we have seen the applications of Artificial Intelligence, let’s have a glance on it’s benefits.

Benefits of AI:

  1. Increased Efficiency : AI can perform tasks more effectively and with a higher speed.
  2. Increased Accuracy : The results derived from AI based machines are comparatively more accurate as AI algorithms can analyse vast amounts of data with minimal errors.
  3. Increased Safety : AI is used is various field to enhance their safety. For example : AI can identify potential risks in medical procedures or prevent accidents on the road.
  4. Personalized Experiences : AI provides personalized features by considering user’s preferences. It also recommends movies, podcasts, YouTube videos based on user’s preference and interest.

In conclusion, Artificial Intelligence has the potential to transform the today’s world into AI world. It has the power to improve efficiency, increase speed and accuracy of every tasks performed by humans. With careful planning, AI can make our lives more easier, convenient and happier.

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