Visions and Vision Board – Make Vision Board in 5 Simple Steps

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Last few days have been very hectic for me but I managed to make a vision board for myself before July ends. I have all of the goals set in front of me that I want to achieve in 2023. I know it’s late and half of 2023 is already gone and I am regretting that I’ve done nothing much in these 6 months but “Better late than never”. The main reason for me making a vision board is to be organized and productive and not have a mess in my head and in my life.

What are Visions?

Visions are something which we have in our head. For example, I want to have some kind of life that I have in my mind or I want to buy something expensive. These are the things that we dream about and we want it. Achieving them is definitely not easy but worth the wait and handwork. Visions are something that keeps us motivated to move ahead in life and work hard. They are our goal, our destination, where we want to reach. We are working today to achieve that goal, to live that life.

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How did I find out about the Vision Board?

I had heard about vision boards earlier but I never gave heed to it. Recently, I listened to this podcast called “Grow with Marjan” and that really motivated me to make one for myself. She says that if we have our vision in front of us we will be more productive than usual. Even though we are not achieving it, still we know our destination and our goals.

How does the Vision Board help us?

Having a vision board is very helpful in achieving your desired dreams. It keeps you motivated throughout and gives you energy and reason to work harder and harder. If your goal is right in front of you and you are looking at it daily then it will be stuck in your head that you have to achieve it one day and you have to work hard for it. I have my vision board right in front of me, on the front wall of my desk. I look at it daily and remind myself of the goals that I’ve set for myself.

How to make a Vision Board?

Step 1: Start by writing down your goals.

First you should be very clear of what you want to put on your board. Don’t set unrealistic and unachievable goals. Be very sure of what you’re putting up. Think of how you can achieve it and how much time it will take to achieve and will it be possible to achieve in the set time or not. Then after asking yourself these questions, if you are still sure about it then you can write it down.

Step 2: Edit the pictures

Now edit the pictures according to your goal. Be very specific about what you want to stick on your board. Get very detailed pictures. For example, if you want 50K subscribers, you can take a screenshot of how your YouTube channel looks right now and edit it by replacing the number of subscribers with 50K. Another example is if you want 10K followers on Instagram, take a screenshot of your profile and edit the followers to 10K. 

In this way you’ll be able to look at your future self. How your accounts will look if you’ll achieve this. Edit very realistic pictures like if you are increasing the number of followers on Instagram then also increase the number of posts and following because definitely by the time you’ll achieve your goal, your number of posts and followers will also increase. So, be very realistic and pay attention to every small detail while editing.

I also downloaded a few quotes which motivates me a lot to stick on the vision board because it will help me a lot as it will be in front of me and I’ll read it daily.

Step 3: Print the pictures

Print colored and clear pictures. So that it looks real and attractive. However, if you want to give a more personalized touch to your board, you can print it in black and white colors and fill colors using color pencil. In this way it will be even more close to your heart.

Step 4: Stick the pictures

Make sure to first just analyze how much cardboard will be required to stick the pictures and cut accordingly. If your pictures don’t cover the cardboard completely it will not look good and it will also not give the vibe. I made this mistake. I have a little space left on my board and I don’t have any pictures to stick on it. However, I covered it by decorating it with stars(giggles). after knowing the required size of your board, cut it. Then stick the pictures in random order. Be as creative as you can and stick the pictures according to your likings. I went with an overlapping format. 

Tip : Think of a pattern in your mind before sticking the pictures. First stick the picture which is getting overlapped by others because it will be at the bottom.

Step 5: Placing the vision board

Place the vision board somewhere where you work or study. You can also put it somewhere you look daily. It should be right in front of you so that you can see it frequently and remind yourself about your goals.


I feel like everyone should create a vision board. I know it will be different for everyone, for some it may be helpful and for some it may not. But you should definitely give it a try once. If not anything, it will be a good DIY session for you to show your creative skills and when you’ll look back at it in the future, you’ll definitely be proud. It’s my first time as well and I am also not sure if I’ll follow this tradition ahead. But so far it is motivating me and giving me positive vibes.

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