Project 50 : 7 Rules Will Change Your Life In A Positive Way

What is Project 50?

Project 50 is basically a challenge that we have to follow for 50 days. During this challenge there are 7 rules that we have to follow. These rules are meant to help us change our lives in a positive and have a healthy lifestyle. If you follow these rules properly for 50 days definitely your life will change and your habits too.

Why you should take Project 50 challenge?

If you are someone who wants to really change your habits into good ones and want a healthy lifestyle, then you should definitely take this challenge. This challenge will help you to make a certain thing your habit because you’ll be doing it for 50 days. If we do something regularly then definitely it becomes our habit and changing a habit is not easy, so Project 50 is also not easy but worth it.

What are the rules of Project 50?

These are the rules that you have to follow for 50 days. These are predefined rules.

1. Wake up before 8 AM:

You have to wake up before 8 AM for 50 days and eventually it will become your habit and you’ll be able to wake up early even after the challenge has ended. But you should not disturb your sleep cycle and you should have proper 6 to 8 hours of sleep and to do this you will have to sleep early as well. It is also proven that if you wake up early you’ll be in a good mood throughout the day.

2. Do your morning routine : 1 hour with no distraction

Plan a realistic morning routine that you’ll be able to follow for 50 days. You can include tasks such as making coffee, making your bed, planning your day, etc. Also, make sure that there is no distraction, especially your mobile phones. I myself has experienced this that how you start your day majorly plays a role in how your mood and energy will be for the whole day. So start your day at peace without any distractions.

3. Exercise for 1 hour

Workout is a very important aspect when we’re talking about healthy life. Working out daily for 1 hour for 50 days will definitely get you in good shape and health. I personally go to the gym daily and workout for at least 1.5 hours.

Project 50

4. Read 10 pages a day

If you are someone who loves reading then this task is a boon for you. Read 10 pages daily for 50 days which will hardly take 1 hour. I am personally not that much into reading. I only read once in a blue moon so doing this was next to impossible for me. So, I did a little cheating here and I replaced this rule with ” Stay in your calorie budget ” which I think is fair enough if someone doesn’t like reading.

Project 50

5. Dedicate 1 hour towards new skill

To grow, you have to learn new things and new skills. You have to give at least 1 hour to a new skill daily. By doing this for 50 days, you’ll definitely discover your talent and capabilities. For me, this was not that difficult because I am currently doing a course of Web Development and I study daily so I’m counting that as a new skill.

6. Follow a healthy diet

You have to say no to junk for 50 days. Eat healthy, eat your veggies and your fruits. Only eat home cooked foods. This will help you to have a healthy body, healthy skin, healthy hair and what not. Diet is a major part when talking about healthy life.

Project 50

7. Track your daily progress in a journal

Last but definitely not the least, track your progress in a journal. This will help you stay organized and it will motivate you to go further and further. And in the future when you’ll look back at it, you will feel proud of yourself for taking and completing this challenge. 

My Project 50 experience

I am still in between this challenge. I just started a week ago. And trust me guys, it is not as easy as it seems. For me the most difficult part was to wake up before 8 AM and I’m still struggling with that so much. But I know this is what the challenge is about, to convert your bad habits into good ones. And I also know that I will also change this waking up habit as I keep trying.

But this challenge is worth it. So far I have noticed that I am becoming a more focused person and keeping a track of whatever I am doing, following a proper schedule and at the end tracking my progress as well. 

Who should take Project 50?

If you want to have a healthy changes in your life and if you want to reset everything and get on track then you should definitely take this challenge. It is a very good way to start because sometimes we struggle a lot with starting something new. This was the case with me as well. I used to think of starting a healthy lifestyle but it never actually started. By taking this challenge I am on my way to a healthy lifestyle. If you deal with the same issue then you should take this up. Even if you don’t then also just give this a try and see how it goes and how it turns your life.


All these challenges are a good thing but you’ll only succeed if you are consistent. Consistency is the main key to achieve anything in life. If you are not doing this with your complete interest then it is of no use. If you think you are not ready for this challenge then just don’t do it. Take some time for yourself to completely understand what exactly is this and make yourself completely ready for a little difficult life in the coming 50 days. Once you think you can give your 100% and be consistent then go for it.

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