1st day of Last Year Of Student’s Life – Beautiful Days

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First Day Of Last Year Of My Student’s Life

My final year’s first day started yesterday. I can’t believe this is going to be the last year of my student’s life (crying). As soon as I’m getting close to the end of my student’s life, the realization is hitting me very hard that this will always be the best times and best memories of my life which I’m gonna cherish forever.

No matter how much we stress about our assignment submission, studies, struggle for attending college, wish that study years should end soon so that we can be free , still deep down we all know that we can’t get this life back and we are definitely gonna miss it a lot once it’s over and regret it if we didn’t enjoy it to the fullest. Agree or not?


High School Thoughts

When I was in high school, I used to look at my mom and think that she is so lucky she doesn’t have to go to school, doesn’t have to stress about exams, complete assignments, projects and what not. But stupid me didn’t know that she is dealing with the real struggle ‘Life’. 

Whenever we were passing through the exam days during college, I always used to think it might be so good to not have exams and not study because I was one of those students who used to study a day before the exam. The struggle was so real for me to cover the vast ocean length syllabus in just one day. While studying for the exams or after the completion of the exams I used to finalize it in my head that from the next exam I’ll be studying way ahead but no, the story used to repeat always.

Teacher’s Words

Few of my teachers always used to say that these are the only days that you have to work hard and you’ll be relaxing the rest of your lives, which is partially true because obviously if we study hard we’ll definitely relax a bit more than usual for the rest of our lives. But it’s not true for most of us because even if we study hard we fail to get that relaxing life because of the competition in the market, financial struggles, lack of discipline, laziness, etc. 

I wonder how people get the motivation to work hard for days and days. Even after getting so many failures and rejections, there are people who still don’t fall and keep working for their goals and one fine day they achieve it as well.

I’m someone who gets very demotivated and feels lazy to get back if I take a small break of 3-4 days or a week. For example, right now I was on a break from gym because we had a festival called Eid al-Adha. It was a one week long break and from today I’ve to get back to the gym but guys, you can’t imagine how lazy I’m feeling right now to hit the gym. I am also excited to get back to fitness as I’m feeling very unhealthy right now but procrastinating a lot. I think this excitement is the only thing in me that keeps me going even if I feel lazy about it.

Getting back to track

Also, I was thinking of getting back on track with a full pace as I’m gonna be making a vision board for the half of 2023 (which I’ll share with you guys). I was thinking of getting out of comfort zone now and challenge myself. How about Project 50? ( If you don’t know about project 50 you can check it here) But I think I cannot follow something for so long directly in the first go only ( I know that is the only point of this challenge but (hiding face)).

I was thinking to break it down into a smaller number of days. I am not sure about it yet. What do you think? Let’s see what I will do (surely let you know). I really want to achieve my goals this year, specially my fitness goals because I’ve been on this journey for so long and ugh I am just wasting my time right now by not following it properly.

Result Of My Last Exam

Also guys, I forgot to tell you that I got my result yesterday of the semester exam that I gave a week ago and guess what? I passed it with a GPA of 9.25 (yippeeeee). I am so on the moon right now because I know the struggle I went through while studying and covering the syllabus. I feel so stress free. Because even after giving exams we still have the stress of results, isn’t it?


And lastly, I would say that we are on this flourishing journey together. I’m going to be sharing my experiences of life here and you guys can join me on this beautiful journey towards growth. If we have it in our mind we can definitely achieve it!

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